Parents say these are the best craft kits for kids! They make perfect fun indoor activities that creative kids of all ages will love.

These fun guided arts and crafts projects contain everything your child needs to create jewelry, art, creative room decor and more. Try them out when your kids want a change of pace from the open-ended fun of their favorite art supplies.

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    Create Your Own Story Books

    Kristy Pepping:  This kids craft will not only get a child's creativity flowing, but will get them writing and using their imagination to craft a story all their own. The craft comes with story ideas, or they can run with their own idea. There are two books with several blank pages. The kit comes with markers and stickers.

    Picture This Clothing

    Kristy Pepping:  This is a super creative idea that lets your child turn their artwork into something to wear. They even have matching family outfits and doll dresses!

    Cra-Z-Art Spinning Art

    Chrissy OGorman:  One of those retro craft kits for kids that's still fun today! Squeeze paint onto a spinning wheel to make a bookmark or card and watch your unique design come to life.

    Create Your Own Bead Pets

    Carly Follett:  String pony beads on the satin cords and create cool keychains. Kids will love to make their cool creations, give them out as homemade gifts, and display them all over their backpacks!

    Creepy Bugs Window Art

    Chrissy OGorman:  Your kids can decorate their windows by creating these creepy bug window clings using glow-in-the-dark window paint.

    Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Alphabet Beads

    Chrissy OGorman:  An array of beads that your child can use to make bracelets or necklaces. This also works well as a useful party favor - just divide the kit among the party attendees.

    Barbie Crayola Color-In Fashions

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  Barbie and Crayola make fun craft kits for kids who love dolls! Kids will be able to explore their creativity and fashion by coloring clothing and accessories for Barbie, using their imagination to play, and then washing it out and coloring again for limitless fun!

    Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

    Nancy L.:  This kit includes enough tie-dye supplies for five people to participate. There are 15 squeeze bottles of stylish colors and users just add water to activate. There is no need to presoak the fabrics. It comes with rubber bands, gloves, surface cover, and a step-by-step guide with different looks to choose from.

    ALEX Eco Crafts Scrapbook

    Chrissy OGorman:  This craft kit includes all the supplies your little one needs to make a scrapbook - just add the pictures! It comes with lots of fun stickers and other fun embellishments.

    Sticky Mosaics

    Kristy Pepping:  Sticky Mosaics craft kits for kids work like paint by numbers, but with sticky tiles and jewels instead of paint that kids use to create a picture on a template. This is a great activity if a child needs to work on fine motor skills and/or learning numbers too.

    Klutz Friendship Bracelet Kit

    Lisa R:  This friendship bracelet book is a classic, and is perfect for a road trip because there is nothing that can spill! The kit comes with all of the supplies needed to make the items in the book. Once a project gets going, there isn't a lot of reading or searching for supplies.


    Kristy Pepping:  PlushCraft makes fabric crafting fun and easy. Use the stylus to punch colorful fabric pieces into pre-made 3D pals. Each puppy in this kit is marked with numbers (like paint by number). The box shows you which number corresponds to which fabric swatch color. The child uses the stylus to punch little fabric pieces into each pre-scored number.

    Craft-tastic Unicorn String Art

    Vanessa M.:  This adorable craft kit is a great way to introduce kids to string art. Pins are pushed into foam canvases with the provided patterns, and colorful string is wound between them. A fun gift idea for tweens!

    Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit

    Kelly R.:  Kids can paint and decorate custom rocks to hide and spread cheer in your community - a fun act of kindness that all ages can enjoy! This craft kit includes everything they'll need - even the rocks!

    Klutz Clay Charms Craft Kit

    Kelly R.:  Kids can make over 30 different clay charms with this kit from Klutz. Clear instructions guide through shaping and baking the charms, and glazing them to add shine. A charm bracelet is included.

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