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30 Chicago Museums for Kids to Explore

Kohl Children’s Museum

 (746.0 mi)

Absolutely perfect for kids since a young age! great for family trip with different aged kids. Check it in the summer they offers lots of outdoor activities and it makes each visit full of new experiences; we go every week for play dates and its great fun! our family Love this place!
I think we've had a membership here for almost 12 years straight, and it's one of the most worthwhile investments we've made. We love dropping in during the week for an hour or two, or sometimes even on the weekends (though it's more crowded then). There is so much to do and the kids always have fun. The grocery store has always been a favorite in our family, but there is plenty to love for kids who like vehicles, books, building stuff, water play, trucks, pretend play, etc etc. Pro tip: the members-only hours are especially awesome, as you have so much more room to play before the crowds descend!
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