Try yoga for kids for a little zen in your household! Yoga stimulates the physical, mental and emotional abilities of a child. It can also manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement. Yoga classes can introduce children to a healthy lifestyle; it's a fun way to increase confidence and positive self-image in a non-competitive environment. Here are our favorite studios around Los Angeles that offer yoga classes for kids.


    The Yoga Room

     (2771.3 mi)

    Erynn:  Kids' yoga runs the same times as the adult class, so the whole family can get their yoga on together. Kids will learn yoga in a playful way, focusing on strength and becoming more aware of their bodies.

    Ages: 4-11; older kids can attend select adult classes

    Cost: Membership starts at $50/month

    Source Studio

     (2783.8 mi)

    Erynn:  These energetic classes involve props, games, stories, music, and more to get kids truly connected with their bodies and their yoga abilities! Instruction is flexible and adaptive to the needs of the kids in class.

    Ages: All

    Cost: Starts at $15/class

    Be The Change Yoga

     (2811.5 mi)

    Erynn:  In this class, kids will learn breathing and meditation techniques along with accessible yoga positions that are easy for little bodies to work with. Classes are offered seven days per week, too, so there's something workable for every family.

    Ages: 4-12

    Cost: $10/class

    Yoga Sol

     (2813.8 mi)

    Erynn:  Two levels of instruction allow kids to become familiar with yoga in a nurturing and interactive environment, then expand on their skills with more involved exercises.

    Ages: 12 & under; kids ages 8+ can join adult classes on a case-by-case basis

    Cost: Pricing starts at $20/class

    Yoga Kingdom Sanctuary

     (2833.5 mi)

    Erynn:  Kids will get more familiar with their bodies (and what they can do) along with developing concentration and patience in these preschool and up classes.

    Ages: 4+

    Cost: Pricing starts at $12/class

    Yoga House

     (2834.8 mi)

    Erynn:  Two separate classes (one for ages 4-7 and one for ages 8-12) help kids improve their posture, develop strength, and become more coordinated.

    Ages: 4-12

    Cost: Pricing starts at $22/class

    Yoga Works

     (2835.0 mi)

    Erynn:  Kids' classes at Yoga Works inspire children to develop strength, flexibility, concentration, and confidence in a family-friendly environment. And with classes all over the greater LA area, you can't beat the convenience!

    Cost: Pricing starts at $25/class

    Mission Street Yoga and Pilates

     (2835.3 mi)

    Erynn:  Two age groups (kids 4-7 and kids 8-12) will learn to stretch and strengthen their bodies in a collaborative and non-competitive environment at Mission Street.

    Ages: 4-12

    Cost: Pricing starts at $12/class

    KAVA Yoga

     (2837.5 mi)

    Erynn:  KAVA Yoga classes for kids focus on mindfulness and reducing the chaos--ideal for multiple ages of kids. Two separate sessions split kids into groups (ages 5-8 and ages 8-12) so they can learn technique at an age-appropriate level.

    Ages: 5-12

    Cost: Prices start at $20/class

    FreeSpirit Yoga

     (2839.7 mi)

    Erynn:  These kids' classes focus on child-friendly concepts and techniques for reducing stress and promoting calmness and flexibility. Plus, kids' classes usually run at the same time as adult classes, making this yoga spot convenient for the whole family.

    Ages: 4-8

    Cost: Pricing starts at $18/class

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