Here are the best places around Dallas and Fort Worth to find swimming lessons for kids. Dive into our list of swim schools where babies and kids of all ages learn to become comfortable in the water, master strokes, and have a splash while learning this lifelong skill.

    Aqua-Tots Swim School

     (1381.6 mi)

    christadiserio:  With many locations throughout DFW, Aqua-Tots is helping children all over learn water safety and become pros at swimming. Classes are organized by parent & tot, intermediate & advanced levels. Skills learned vary from safety to efficient strokes - all in a 90 degree heated pool. If your child is interested in making swimming more of a hobby, swim club & swim team are also available. Aqua-Tots also has a beautiful waiting & observation room, equipped with a play area and tables for working parents, as well as locker rooms with showering amenities.

    Ages: 4 months & up

    Cost: Starting at $84/month

    SafeSplash Swim School

     (1387.9 mi)

    christadiserio:  Developing lifelong swimmers in warm water - that's what SafeSplash is all about. SafeSplash offers 11 class levels - from Parent-N-Me swim classes all the way until they're ready to join a swim team. If they stick with the program for a while, your kids are guaranteed to learn everything from beginner skills, like floating independently, all the way to master skills, such as focusing on distance while maintaining good technique. Parents can watch from the climate controlled observation deck.

    SafeSplash instructors can even travel to your pool.

    Ages: 6 months & up

    Cost: Starting at $83/month

    Blacktip Swim School

     (1390.6 mi)

    christadiserio:  Black Tip Swim School's goal is to develop all kids into well-rounded young swimmers. To make their goal a reality, they offer classes geared toward kids of all levels - from parent/tot to beginners and those already on advanced swim team. All Black Tip instructors are trained to focus on water safety and technique development. Most of their class sizes are maintained at a 4:1 student/teacher ratio. In-home lessons also available.

    Ages: 6 months - 15 yrs

    Cost: Starting at $67/month

    AquaKids Swim School

     (1392.2 mi)

    christadiserio:  AquaKids' mission is to provide high quality swim lessons for students in a safe, non-stressful environment. To achieve this, intimate parent/child classes are offered for babies 6 months to 2 years, as well as classes for kids ages 3 and up in warm water pools. Kids also enjoy the water slides! Classes are separated by levels, so each child can be comfortable in his/her aqua environment. Should your child stay involved in classes through elementary school, they'll likely be swimming independently. They promote fun birthday party experiences, too.

    Ages: 6 months+

    Cost: $260+/13-17 wk sessions

    Adventure Scuba - Discover Mermaid Program

     (1394.2 mi)

    $45/session includes mermaid tail rental

    Ages: 6+

    Sarah D.:  Looking for a unique fitness adventure for your little mermaid? Adventure Scuba offers one-hour mermaid classes where your little ones can learn to swim like a mermaid! What could be more fun than water fitness through imagination and character play!

    Adventure Scuba teaches youth scuba, and also offers Snorkel training for kids ages 5+. Snorkel classes are also held in the indoor, heated 18′ pool.

    FriscoSwim School

     (1397.9 mi)

    christadiserio:  Frisco Swim is committed to bringing kids top-notch & affordable swim lessons. Most classes have a max of 3 students and are taught by instructors with extensive swim knowledge & skills. The individualized attention your child will receive here is unmatched, which means your child will only learn that much faster. Some parents have claimed that they could already see a difference in their child swim skills after just two lessons. Classes range from Parent & Me classes, beginner, intermediate, & advanced.

    Ages: 3-14. Under 3, contact for specialized instruction

    Cost: $120+

    Emler Swim School

     (1398.4 mi)

    christadiserio:  Emler Swim School creates an intimate, shallow and comfortable learning environment for all young swimmers. Emler offers various small (approximately 4:1 student/teacher ratio) classes for all age groups, including some parent/tot classes, where kids can learn everything from kicking their feet in the water to floating. All classes are taught in a heated and saltwater pool. Be sure to watch your child's progress from Emler's floor-to-ceiling glass observation room. Your little fish will love every bit of their class!

    Ages: 2 months - 5 years +

    Cost: Contact your nearest school for pricing

    British Swim School

     (1.4e3 mi)

    christadiserio:  Whether your kid has never swam or is ready to take off with his or her best strokes, British Swim School is here to help them achieve their goals. In their warm water pools, they offer classes geared toward infants/toddlers to older kids who want to improve their swim strokes. Having fun is a big focus in their curriculum. For example, your littlest one might get acclimated to the water through structured songs and games while splashing around and the more advanced kids might participate in a set of drills. Most classes are a 6:1 student/teacher ratio.

    Ages: 3 months+

    Cost: $24.75+ per lesson

    Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy

     (1401.1 mi)

    christadiserio:  The Lenny Krayzelburg (4 time Olympic Gold Medalist) Swim Academy believes that swimming is a gift for life. Since founding the academy, they have served thousands of students and helped them become confident and independent in the water. By offering various class types, such as group, parent-tot, stroke development, pre-team and private classes, they are able to focus developing each child's skills to the best of their ability. And two survival tests monitor the child's progress. Classes range from private to 8:1 student/teacher ratio. Free trials available.

    Ages: 3 months+

    Cost: $70+/month

    Jim Montgomery Swim School

     (1402.1 mi)

    christadiserio:  Jim Montgomery Swim School, owned by an Olympic gold swimmer, is aimed at helping kids at all ages become comfortable & confident in the water. Young ones are welcome to participate in parent/child swim classes, in which they'll learn everything from gentle submersion underwater to back float. Additionally, private/semi-private/group classes are offered for kids ages 3-12 and are divided up by level of experience.

    Ages: 3-6 months+

    Cost: $88+/month & up. 15% Sibling Discounts available. Baby Splash lessons with a parent (Baby Basics) are free until your baby turns 6 months!

    Goldfish Swim School in Carrollton!

     (1403.5 mi)

    Prices start at $94 for group lessons and $282 for individual one-on-one lessons. When you enroll you get a welcome bag with a t-shirt, a swim diaper (if needed), and other goodies.

    Ages: Parent-child classes for children as young as 4 months old and they go all the way up to 5-12 years

    LaurynMcBride:  Goldfish Swim School has been absolutely amazing for my two boys (2.5 & 1 year old)! They get ECSTATIC to go to swim class. Almost every instructor, whether they've worked with my kid or not, knows their name. They ask how they're doing, talk to them, and care about them. I participate with my boys in both classes, but there are classes for my 2.5 year old where he could just be alone with a teacher and two other students, without a parent. You can pay for private lessons one-on-one with an instructor, or enroll your child with a class. Literally could not be happier with Goldfish.

    Coppell Swim School

     (1412.5 mi)

    christadiserio:  Coppell Swim School's goal is to provide a safe and private pool environment that creates a focused class with no distractions & geared toward your child's skill level. Your child will benefit by getting comfortable in the water, learning the best stroke technique and more. Both private and small group classes are offered in a backyard outdoor/saltwater pool (heated in the cold months). Group lessons are drop-off, and goggle wear is limited!

    Ages: 6 months & up

    Cost: $80/4-day group session. Group lessons are 50 minutes. $30/private lesson/25 minutes.

    Flipkick Swim Academy

     (1430.6 mi)

    christadiserio:  When kids deep as little as a toe in the water, Flipkick Swim Academy uses a very personalized approach to teaching. Flipkick takes into consideration the child's personality, disposition toward the water, age and experience when teaching. Popular classes offered are infant/child survival swimming, gentle submersion, stroke development, and swim lessons for kids with special abilities. Open enrollment invites you to sign up and start anytime.

    Ages: 2 months+

    Cost: Starting at $96/month

    Sigma Swimming

     (1430.6 mi)

    christadiserio:  Through a multi-level tiered approach, Sigma Swimming strives to help their students master the aquatics skills that they'll use for a lifetime. In the different levels of classes, students will learn water acclimation and learn to refine each swim stroke as best as they can. Classes range from a 4:1 and 5:1 student/teacher ratio in year-round heated indoor pools. Rewards will be given as students master different objectives. Sigma Swimming claims to teach students the same foundation skills as Olympic swimmers!

    Ages: 1+

    Cost: $99/month

    The Fort Worth Swim School

     (1440.0 mi)

    christadiserio:  Founded by James Fike, a U.S. Nationals and Olympic Trials competitor, the Fort Worth Swim School is determined to bring the highest quality of swim instruction to the DFW metroplex, while also encouraging the competitive sport, and overall fitness. Their kids classes range from beginner to competitive, along with AquaFit opportunities. Aqua fitness a fun, water-based cardio and strength class for kids as young as 6. Group swim lessons are approximately with 3-4 students.

    The Fairmount District pool is an indoor heated pool; Ridglea Pool is outdoors.

    Ages: 3-16

    Cost: $100+/8 sessions

    Fort Worth Family Swim School

     (1448.0 mi)

    christadiserio:  For the past 12 years, Fort Worth Family Swim School (FWFSS) has taught thousands of kids across the DFW metroplex to swim confidently and skillfully. Through their classes, FWFSS teaches water safety, basic swim skills, proper stroke work, and character development. All classes are private, with the exception of the "Mom/Dad N' Me" classes.

    Ages: 6 months & up

    Cost: Starting at $100/two weeks

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