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    Chills 360

     (1379.9 mi)

    christadiserio:  Chills 360 is one of Dallas' first ice cream shops making Thai-inspired ice cream rolls. Not only is the ice cream unique, so is the experience. The whole family will love the employees making their ice cream right in front of their eyes, using the freshest ingredients. Actual CREAM will be turned into ice cream in less than 120 seconds on a cold plate chilled at an approximate -16 degrees, which is then formed into rolls. Not only is the experience neat, but the flavors are, too. Chills 360 offers flavors from Nutella to banana and various toppings, such as Oreos and fresh fruit.

    Henry's Homemade Ice Cream

     (1396.9 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Henry's has been serving North Texas delicious ice cream since 1992. He has all your favorites; classics like chocolate, vanilla, and award-winning banana splits to name a few. There are also delicious ice cream cakes available for purchase. According to Henry, "Ice cream makes you pretty!" so get your beautiful self some Henry's ice cream the next time you're in Plano!

    Monster Yogurt

     (1397.8 mi)

    Free play place

    Shila:  "Scary tastes good" at this local favorite self-serve frozen yogurt shop with locations in Dallas and Richardson. Families love Monster Yogurt for its free indoor playground, too!

    Hypnotic Emporium

     (1398.5 mi)

    Shila:  Hypnotic Emporium is a local favorite for Dallas families. Experience seasonal shakes that celebrate every month, homemade ice cream in over 20 flavors, elaborate sundaes, donut ice cream sandwiches, cotton candy and more!

    Cow Tipping Creamery

     (1400.5 mi)

    christadiserio:  Are you in the mood for creamy soft serve ice cream, layered with delicious toppings in between? You must visit Cow Tipping Creamery! Choose your soft serve flavor and pick from a plethora of toppings (sprinkles, Oreos, cake chunks, fudge, and more) that will be layered between the ice cream. Cow Tipping Creamery describes it like a parfait, just wayyy better.

    Paciugo Gelato Caffé

     (1401.6 mi)

    christadiserio:  Take your taste buds on a trip to Italy without leaving DFW! Paciugo Gelato is a local Italian ice cream shop, offering both gelato and sorbet. Paciugo prides itself on using the freshest fruits and all-natural ingredients. With flavors from Banana Cream Pie to Cookies N' Milk, the whole family will surely love this frozen treat. The best part for parents? This dessert has 70% less fat than ice cream. Buon appetito!

    Steel City Pops

     (1402.8 mi)

    christadiserio:  Would you take your ice cream or sorbet in popsicle form? If yes, you and the family must try Steel City Pops. This joint makes both cream-based and fruit-based popsicles that will appeal to anyone. Flavors include but are not limited to hibiscus, passion fruit, avocado, coconut, buttermilk, and chocolate brownies. If that's not enough for you, you have the option to dip, dredge, drizzle or dust your pop in some tasty ingredients, like pistachios or caramel.


     (1402.8 mi)

    christadiserio:  Who ever thought going out for good ice cream could be a mini science experiment for the kids? Creamistry is where this happens! Creamistry's Creamologists use liquid nitrogen to hand-craft delicious ice cream - scoop by scoop. All ice cream is made right in front of you, using premium ingredients. With more than 60 flavors to choose from, like Cinnamon Toast Crunch or strawberry milk, everyone in the family is guaranteed to love something here. Concoctions are also completely customizable.

    Milk • Cream

     (1402.9 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  At Milk • Cream you are in for a unique treat! Everyone loves ice cream and donuts, but have you ever imagined the two combined, as a sandwich?? Milk • Cream specializes in ice cream-donut sandwiches, and they have fun cereal toppings for an added crunch, like Cookie Crisp and Fruity Pebbles! If you are looking to shake things up when on the hunt for a cool treat, Milk • Cream is the place for you!

    Baldo's Ice Cream

     (1403.3 mi)

    christadiserio:  Baldo's Ice Cream is one of the newer gems in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They're all about giving their customers an "anything but vanilla" experience, meaning that they want to help them expand their ice cream horizons. Can't decide which flavor? They even offer mini cone flights for you to try more than one flavor. In addition to ice cream, they also sell delish coffee, loose-leaf teas and baked goods.

    Howdy Homemade Ice Cream

     (1403.8 mi)

    christadiserio:  As if ice cream isn't already amazing in itself, Howdy Homemade Ice Cream makes delicious ice cream that serves a mission of employing individuals with special needs. Treat your family to good ice cream and show them the importance of giving back to the community at the same time. Favorite flavors include Birthday Cake, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, and Hot Tamale, not to mention their amazing ice cream cakes! A perfect fit for families looking for a yummy treat, offering catering options for local parties and special events...all while teaching the important lesson of inclusion.

    Wild About Harry's

     (1404.0 mi)

    christadiserio:  Wild About Harry's is a Dallas-born restaurant serving up their famous custard since 1996. Whether you go for dinner and dessert, or just dessert, you'll find some tasty menu options - from Chicago-style hot dogs to more than 50 custard flavors. After your first visit there, it's guaranteed that you'll be "wild" for Wild About Harry's.

    Melt Ice Creams

     (1408.0 mi)

    christadiserio:  Local, fresh, and creative are three words to describe the menu at Melt. If you want to try some of the most unique and flavorful ice cream in the Metroplex, then you must stop here. Melt uses seasonal and local ingredients, and keeps ice cream connoisseurs on their toes by introducing new flavors every six weeks. Melt has something for everyone, like your basic chocolate ice cream for a picky child, ice cream with Texas Hill Country lavender and fresh mint for the edgy adult, and cashew ice cream for a vegan family member.

    Beth Marie's Old Fashioned Ice Cream

     (1408.9 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  With both classic and unique flavor offerings, everyone in your family is sure to find something they love at Beth Marie's! The menu changes seasonally, with over 120 flavors created so far. You'll find flavors you know, like Mint Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cup, and more uncommon ones such as Krissy's French Toast or Banana Cream Pie. The ice cream is made in an ice cream maker built in 1927, 10 gallons at a time, so you're sure to receive fresh, homemade ice cream at every visit!

    Milwaukee Joe's Artisan Ice Creams

     (1413.2 mi)

    christadiserio:  This family-owned ice cream parlor has more than 300 flavors in their ice cream hopper. With flavors, such as Cotton Candy, Black Raspberry Truffle, and Dr. Pepper, it is impossible to ever get tired of ice cream here. Milwaukee Joe's is always on top of staying up-to-date with their ice cream game: "We still blend extra butterfat into our creams, we still invent new flavors with unbridled imagination, and we still serve every scoop with a smile." So, there you go - that's exactly what sets them apart from just any ice cream shop!

    Rita's Italian Ice

     (1423.9 mi)

    Stephanie W.:  Rita's Italian Ice is a favorite tradition started in Pennsylvania, and can now be found in several states throughout the country! Dallas is lucky enough to have a couple of locations, and they do not disappoint! You can start with their traditional Italian ice- extra smooth flavored ice that puts snow cones to shame! You can pair it with delicious custard to create a Gelati or Blendini. There are endless possibilities when it comes to flavor combinations!

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