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25 Cartoons for Kids (That Parents Actually Like)


This Australian kids show has taken families all over the world by storm. Bite-size episodes of about seven minutes feature a playful, energetic and imaginative dog, Bluey, along with her parents and little sister. The hilarious, true-to-life depictions of family life, centered around lots of unstructured imaginative play have quickly made this one of the best cartoons for kids that parents love to watch, too.

My husband and I can watch Bluey without the kids lol. It’s hilarious how the relationships between each family member is like our real lives 🤣.
My 6 year old and 3 year old equally love this show!
Love this show! My nieces are obsessed. I love the family dynamic and how both parents are involved.
Just yesterday, I was doing chores while one of my kids was watching Bluey. I realized I was standing in the hallway, holding a full basket of laundry, and glued to the show for a good 5 minutes. That show is hilarious!

I absolutely love this cartoon. There's no "bad guys", the mom hasn't died and it will relate to almost every parent. It inspires kids to use their imagination at home with their parents. I'll admit I've cried a little from a few episodes that really hit home for me. It's a beautiful cartoon that parents will want to watch with their kids. I know I do.

Love this show and the meanings behind some of the episodes. It is also entertaining to watch as parents.
The animation is top notch