Have a baby who fights sleep? Here are some products that can help your little one—and the rest of the family—get some much-needed rest.

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    Dohm Classic White Noise Machine

    This unsuspecting device could provide hours of sleep for your child, which means you get more too! The white noise provided by this machine can seem harsh and loud at first, but it's ideal for the quality sleep of young children who share a room or children who may be easily awoken by loud urban sounds (or even sensitive to rural silence!) The machine offers two sounds, and volume can be adjusted.

    Aden + Anais Swaddle

    Nancy L.:  Many babies sleep better when they are swaddled. The warm, tight, cozy feeling is comforting and it helps many newborns settle down. There are many swaddle blankets on the market but these are the best. They are super soft, breathable, washable, and when baby outgrows the swaddle stage, these blankets continue to serve many uses for baby.

    Swaddle from birth until baby can break out of the swaddle.

    Cloud b Twilight Turtle

    Nancy L.:  This nightlight projects a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling. Choose from three soothing color options to create a magical, tranquil environment. There is a 45-minute timer to ensure complete darkness during your child’s deep sleep.

    Halo SleepSack

    Nancy L.:  These wearable blankets will help baby sleep well—and safely—once baby outgrows the swaddle, which happens very quickly. These blankets keep baby warm and secure. Include the SleepSack as part of your consistent bedtime routine and baby will drift off quickly.

    SNOO Smart Sleeper

    This innovative sleeper is designed to mimic the womb and reacts to different cries or noises from your baby, providing the appropriate amount of rocking or white noise to calm a fussy baby. It also employs a swaddle that keeps your baby sleeping safely on his back. Expect to pay a steep price, however, for your sleep and peace of mind!

    Happiest Baby On The Block Video

    Dr. Harvey Karp teaches new parents the five S's (including learning to Swaddle like a pro!) to help calm a crying baby and promote longer sleep.

    Cloud b Sleep Sheep Sound Soother

    Hannah Scott:  This little plush sheep wraps around the bar of the crib with a Velcro strap and plays different white noise sounds like rain, heartbeat, ocean waves, or whale sounds. Cute + Practical = Win.

    Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit

    Thera Thibeault:  Designed specially to dampen baby's startle reflex, this sleep suit is worth every penny when transitioning out of a swaddle or a sleep sack. Available in several colors and in either microfleece or cotton, the sleep suit keeps baby feeling cozy and snuggled but allows them to move arms and legs, unlike a swaddle.

    Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother

    Nancy L.:  White noise often helps baby sleep. This Skip Hop baby sound machine features four melodies, four nature sounds, and white noise with heartbeat that play with an adjustable volume. The owl's belly will glow to offer a soft and dimmable nightlight for baby, while a starry nighttime scene projects on any surface. Set the timer to shut the lights and sounds off, or arrange for continuous play.

    Baby Shusher

    Thera Thibeault:  Any parent who isn't sleeping much because their baby isn't sleeping much knows that they'll try anything - no matter how silly it may seem. This baby sleep aid's sole purpose is to "shush" your little one to sleep.

    Tiny Love Baby Mobile

    Nancy L.:  Mobiles have been used as baby sleep aids for generations. Tiny Love’s Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile has 18 different tunes in six music categories. This grows with your baby from mobile to stand-alone portable music box. As baby grows, the infant mobile toy feature can be detached and the music box can still be used as a sleep aid.

    Little Headbangers

    Erin P.:  If you find yourself having to rock your baby to sleep, or having to lay next to your toddler, try some of these rock CDs that are a little bit easier on the ears for your child! Enjoy the soothing versions of classic AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne and Guns N Roses songs!

    Baby Delight Snuggle Nest

    Vanessa M.:  Do you let your kids sleep in your bed? Some babies sleep best next to Mommy and Daddy. Create a safe co-sleeping environment with Baby Delight's Snuggle Nest. It creates an open, protective area for baby to sleep in her parents' bed, featuring vented sides, nightlight, soft music and womb sounds, and folds compactly for easy travel.

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