What Winter holiday does your family celebrate?

With all the red and green around this time of year, it's easy to forget that Christmas is not the only winter celebration! What winter holiday does your family celebrate?

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  •   -   11/30/2018

    I didn't include this as a poll option, but my favorite winter holiday is my birthday on December 28th -- I accept cash, checks, and Starbucks gift cards. ;)

    •   -   11/30/2018

      Yes!! My birthday is Christmas Eve. I should change my answer ;)

    •   -   11/30/2018


  •   -   11/30/2018

    I answered just Christmas, although we don't have any practicing Jews in my family anymore, I am half Jewish so we do light the menorah each year!

  •   -   11/30/2018

    For a few years my family was celebrating "Hannikulaka", a combination of St. Nicholas Day and Hanukka, defined as the first Saturday in December when it was convenient for everyone to get together.

    •   -   11/30/2018

      My wonderful MIL is from Poland, and they celebrate a version of St. Nicholas Day - so my family celebrates both! @ Hannah Scott - Thank you for asking this question! I really enjoy hearing about the different practices of our multi-cultural families!

      •   -   01/01/2019

        My husband is Dutch and his family did Sinterklaas and presents on Dec. 5. I grew up with both Hannukka and regular Christmas. It's hard trying to preserve our non-Dec 25th traditions since Christmas is so all consuming. We tried to not make Christmas a big deal, but my daughter's (non-religious) preschool talked it up and did Christmas crafts for 2 weeks before the break.

  •   -   12/13/2018

    For those that chose none, I'm curious to know whether that means they don't do anything religious or don't do anything celebratory at all. The only people I know who don't celebrate Christmas at all are Jewish, so they're celebrating Hanukkah.

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