Do you parent the way your parents did?

Do you find yourself following the parenting style your own mom and dad did, or are you (and your partner) finding your own (possibly vastly) different path?

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  •   -   01/31/2019

    My husband and I, as well as many couples we know, are purposely parenting way differently than their own folks did. We're more of a positive parenting household while both our families were more authoritarian in many ways.

  •   -   02/03/2019

    I wouldn't say we purposely parent differently, I just think that raising kids in our current world is a heck of a lot different than when I was growing up and parenting styles have to adapt.

  •   -   02/04/2019

    Definitely not exactly the same, but I was lucky enough to love most of the way I was parented. That said, we will definitely be incorporating new things to our style, since it's both my husband and I making the decisions!

  •   -   02/24/2019

    I think that a lot of my parents' parenting styles have rubbed off on me. They were protective in a laid back kind of way. My husband shows some characteristics from his parents. It tends to be a good balance for us. One of us makes sure that the kids are properly dressed for winter and the other one assures them that if they're only missing one glove, it's really gonna be fine--just roll with it. ;)

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