If you have a child who loves to perform than music lessons may be just the ticket. All around Indianapolis, there are opportunities for kids to learn and grow as musicians as well as singers with voice lessons! Finding the perfect music school throughout the city is easy whether you have a beginner learning the basics or a more experienced kiddo wanting to take the next step in performing!

    School of Rock

     (587.3 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Your kiddo can perform on stage and display their gifts for the whole family to see at School of Rock! Your child can be a part of a rock band to learn all about teamwork and music. They offer lessons with guitars, drums, bass, piano and vocals. They focus on making learning fun by jamming out to rock music instead of playing musical scales.

    Cost: Call for pricing; first lesson is free

    Melody Music Studios

     (595.1 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Your child can learn to play the bass, drums, piano, organ or guitar as well as receive vocal coaching from this diverse studio. Individual instructors will meet with your kiddo in-studio or at your home for private coaching. The sessions range from 30-60 minutes a week, depending on your preferences. If you have a group of kids wanting to learn, group lessons are also available through the studio.

    Cost: Classes start at $110 per month.

    Daniel Patterson Music Studio

     (595.6 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  As a piano player from age 4, Daniel Patterson knows what it is like to take music lessons as a child. He also knows what he didn't like about taking piano lessons, so he has customized his teaching to make it fun for kids while being competitive. The beginner classes will focus on creating a love for the piano by performing songs by their favorite Disney or pop artists, while the more competitive kids are offered the opportunity to compete in the Royal Conservatory’s Music Development Program.

    Cost: Call for pricing; first lesson is free.

    Sam Ash Music Stores

     (596.4 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Teachers at Sam Ash have an extensive musical background and will provide your child with the best music lesson experience. Whether your child is a beginner or they are trying to improve their craft, they will receive professional instruction with the most qualified staff. Sam Ash offers guitar, vocal, DJ, string, bass and more.

    Cost: Call for pricing; first lesson is free.

    IRC Music

     (596.9 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  From the harmonica to the saxophone and mandoline to the electric guitar, your kiddo will find an instrument they will enjoy at IRC. The music studio is located in a retail store and offers music lessons to people of all ages and skill levels. The one on one lessons will provide individual instructions to help your child take their talent to the next level.

    Cost: $20 for 30-minute session

    Guitar Center

     (597.3 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Taking advantage of a free intro class can give your kiddo the opportunity to try it before you buy it! Guitar Center offers lessons including keyboards, drums, vocals, bass and more so your child can find something to fit their interest. Each lesson will be provided within the retail store which provides the benefit to access to equipment, repairs and accessories.

    Cost: Call for pricing; first class is free.

    Let the Children Play

     (598.5 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Let the Children Play takes a different approach than traditional music lessons. Instead of direct instruction, your child will learn music through games, computers, musical theory and ear training. The lessons are tailored to the instruction of beginner and intermediate children and teens. There is also a spring recital and multiple opportunities to participate in competitions and festivals throughout the year.

    Cost: $25 for 30-minutes, $37.50 for 45-minutes and $50 for 60-minutes

    Kathy Kilgo's Music Studio

     (601.0 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Do you have an aspiring jazz, opera or musical theater performer in your house? Kathy Kilgo's Music Studio offers years of experience as an award-winning performer. This education along with her Master's of Music in vocal performance and being a professor at the college level will help your child grow. If your child is serious about singing and wants to improve their skill, then Kathy Kilgo can help!

    Cost: Call for pricing.

    Indianapolis Music Academy

     (601.3 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  If your kiddo has an interest in playing the guitar, ukulele, cello or piano, the Indianapolis Music Academy may be a great fit! They only offer music lessons, so your child is their #1 priority. Starting at age 5, your kiddo can come in for a lesson customized to fit their needs through one on one lessons. The program runs month to month without a long-term contract.

    Ages: Starting at 5

    Cost: Call for pricing.


     (601.8 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Find the perfect coach to fit your child's needs! Search hundreds of teachers in the Indianapolis area to explore their background and location to fit with your busy lives. Each of the teachers has a profile on the website giving you details about the level of students they teach along with their resume discussing their background and qualifications. A map of the city will help you pinpoint the instructor closest to you.

    Cost: Starting at $20 for 30-minute session.

    Renaissance Studios

     (602.0 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  This cute cottage hosts a group of talented kids! The Renaissance Studios offers lessons to children that want to take their musical skill to the next level or just to play around. Programs through the studio include musical instruments ranging from the ukulele to the piano, as well as vocal lessons. The studio encourages its students to participate in the recitals as well as scheduled community events.

    Cost: Call for pricing.

    Premier Music Studios

     (602.3 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Decades of experience allows the teachers at Premier to provide lessons for students from beginner to advanced. They offer piano, voice, guitar, ukulele and bass lessons from their studio on the north side of Indy. There are special classes on music theory and jazz improvisation for students that want to play with the rhythm section.

    Cost: Call for pricing.

    Meridian Music School

     (602.9 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Meridian Music School offers group and private classes for students starting at 18 months old! The group sessions for smaller children last for 30 minutes and focus on building the love of music. The individualized sessions can be tailored to fit the needs of your kiddo. Along with voice lessons, Meridian Music offers training on most instruments including guitar, piano, brass and strings. Your child will get to show off how much they learned with the Student Cooperative Recital events.

    Cost: Call for pricing.

    Carmel Music Academy

     (603.8 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Carmel Music Academy offers lessons for nearly every musical instrument around. Even better, they offer the training in the musical style your child prefers. Throughout the weekly session, your little performer will work on tone, ear training, and technique in the music genre that they enjoy most!

    As your child reaches the next level of their training, they will receive colored bracelets, trophies and certificates for their achievements. They are rewarded with being better artists and have a token to show for all their hard work.

    Cost: Call for pricing.

    DG Voice Studio

    Dawn Denning:  Whether you have a small one learning to sing or an older child wanting to grow, the DG Video Studio has something to fit your child's unique needs. Fishers First Steps is designed for kiddos from birth to 6 years & involves 40 minutes of play time with musical instruments. The older kids will experience individualized lessons conducted by an instructor that will spend time getting to know their musical needs and preferences. They offer guitar, bass, piano and voice lessons. If you live too far away or are traveling, they also provide online sessions.

    Cost: Call for pricing.

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