We all know that staying active is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle so why not try a unique fitness class for your child around Indianapolis? Encouraging our children to stay fit and active is a lot easier when you find something fun that they love to do! These unique activities can help your kids improve their physical and mental health in fun and creative ways. Plus, they might not experience these activities through everyday play or seasonal sports. For more active activities, try parkour for kids.

    Student Yoga - Flourish Yoga + wellbeing

     (588.9 mi)

    Beth Wood:  Flourish Yoga + wellbeing offers a student-focused yoga class that is specifically designed for athletes and younger students interested in learning a yoga flow. These hour-long, black-light sessions, help students sharpen their mental focus, decrease stress, tension and anxiety, increase strength, mobility and endurance as well as improving flexibility and balance. Classes are available heated or non-heated. Drop-ins are welcome. Click Here to Register in advance.

    Ages: 10 years and older

    Cost: $10 per class

    PowerFit Warriors - Geist Sports Academy

     (590.6 mi)

    Beth Wood:  Geist Sports Academy offers their PowerFit Warriors programs for children. PowerFit Warriors helps students increase their coordination, strength and flexibility through strength building exercises, obstacle challenges, body awareness drills and more. Warriors will have loads of fun flipping, crawling, swinging and climbing their way through obstacle courses each week. Each student moves through 4 different levels throughout the 4 week long session. See website or call for schedule and to register.

    Ages: 4-12 years

    Cost: $70 per 4-week session

    Parkour Kid's, Tweens & Teens Classes - B.A.S.E Fitness

     (592.0 mi)

    Beth Wood:  Learn the basics of the sport of Parkour and Free Running at B.A.S.E. Fitness. Group classes are offered for children ages 4 and up and range from 45 minutes to an hour and a half in length. Instruction is focused on students age and skill level. Fundamental Art du Deplacement/Parkour skills, vaults, balance, agility, climbing, jumping, precision and agility drills are taught in each class. Students will also learn safety habits while gaining endurance, confidence and strength.

    Click Here for schedule.

    Ages: 4+

    Cost: Start at $12 per session

    Tween & Teen Fitness Classes - Fishers YMCA

     (593.5 mi)

    Beth Wood:  The Fishers YMCA offers weekly fitness classes for tweens and teens. Tween Fit Classes & Tween Fit Challenge offers boys and girls ages 8-13 years age-appropriate workouts through cycling, swimming, circuit training and more. The Teen Synergy Class offers boys and girls ages 12-15 years a time-based circuit training class that builds strength and endurance. Classes are 60 minutes long and offered weekly. See website for class schedule and to register.

    Ages: 8-15 years

    Cost: $37 member - $69 non-member

    Kids Climbing Club - Climb Time Indoor Rock Climbing

     (595.1 mi)

    Beth Wood:  Do your kids love to climb things? Sign them up for the Kids Club at Climb Time where they will learn the basics of indoor rock climbing. Weekly coaching from Climb Time staff will help build climber's confidence and skills in the sport. This entry-level program is great for all experience levels and can lead to competing on the Climb Time Team, Indy Flash. Climb Time indoor climbing center features over 8,500 square feet of climbing surface with 30+ ropes. Registration is not required, but please arrive 15 minutes prior to club start time.

    Cost: $12 per climbing session, FREE with membership

    Cirque Indy

     (601.4 mi)

    Beth Wood:  Cirque Indy offers children's classes in aerial and circus techniques. Students gain strength, body awareness, self confidence and have loads of fun while getting the chance to socialize with other children in a group class setting. Hour-long weekly classes run in six week-long sessions and are offered on several different days a week. Level 1 and Level 2 classes teach student basic technique and choreographed sequences. See website for class schedule and to register.

    Ages: 8 and older

    Cost: $110 per 6-week session

    Kids & Teens Yoga Series - Body Mind & Core

     (601.5 mi)

    Beth Wood:  Body Mind & Core yoga studio offers a series of non-heated yoga classes for kids and teens that include more than just yoga. Students in both series will learn yoga poses, body awareness, breathing techniques and healthy ways to interact in group settings. Classes help children and teens unwind, slow down and at the same time feel empowered and confident while learning to manage their body, mind and spirit. Click Here to Register.

    Ages: 5-13 years kids, 14-17 years teens

    Cost: $20 single class, $150 10 week series

    Kid Yoga & Family Yoga - Body Mind & Core

     (601.5 mi)

    Beth Wood:  Body, Mind & Core Yoga Studio offers yoga classes for children. Students will have fun in class learning yoga poses as well as experiencing singing, dancing, storytelling, creative movement, uplifting music, breathing exercises, art, visualization and more. Kids yoga gives children tools to help manage their physical, mental and emotional needs. Family Yoga sessions are also offered throughout the year at Body, Mind & Core. Click Here for class schedule & to register.

    Ages: 4-10 years

    Cost: Please call for details.

    Youth Aerial Hammock Series - The HUB

     (601.7 mi)

    Beth Wood:  Do your kids love Cirque de Sole? Give them a chance to learn a fun new form of exercise in the Hub's youth aerial hammock series. This four-week series offers an hour-long class where students learn safety, stretches, inversions and balances while using aerial fabric hammocks. Two different age groups are offered. Class size is limited and fills up quickly. Pleaser register soon.

    Click Here to Register

    Ages 7-11 (group 1) and Ages 12 and up (group 2)

    Cost: $25 per class, $89 4 week series

    Naptown Fitness

     (601.7 mi)

    Beth Wood:  Naptown Fitness offers several different kids classes and family exercise opportunities. Yoga for Young People is for children who are interested in learning yoga poses and meditation techniques. Little Lifters Fitness Class is a 45 minute long class for children ages 3-5 that includes games and fitness fun. WOD Warriors Fitness Class is for children ages 6-11 and helps build strength, technique and flexibility. Family Fitness is a 45 minute fast moving fitness class for families to do together with children ages 5 and older. Click Here for Class Schedule.

    Ages: 3+

    Cost: $10 - $13 per class

    Youth Climbing Club - Epic Climbing & Fitness

     (607.4 mi)

    Beth Wood:  Epic Climbing and Fitness offers youth climbing club classes for children who want to improve their climbing skills without the pressure of competing. Students get loads of physical activity while also having tons of fun with other kids in class. A class includes climbing-related games, doing yoga, rope climbing, boulder climbing and more! Two hour sessions can be attended once or twice a week. Call to register for a class.

    Ages: 5-12 years

    Cost: $59 per month 1x a week, $79 per month 2x a week

    CrossFit for Kids & Teens - MOTIV Athletics

     (608.6 mi)

    Beth Wood:  Learn the basics of the popular sport of CrossFit at MOTIV Athletics. Kids ages 5-11 will learn the basic movements of CrossFit in a 30-minute long class that starts with a warm-up and ends with a fun game. Pre-teens ages 10-13 will use bodyweight exercises and lighter weights with their movements in an hour-long class. Teens ages 14-17 will use weights through their hour-long class. Each class is closely monitored by trained coaches. Students must start with a one-on-one 3 session long elements program. See website for schedule and registration.

    Ages: 5-17

    Cost: $10 - $18 per class

    Youth Climbing Club - Hoosier Heights Indianapolis

     (608.9 mi)

    Beth Wood:  Hoosier Heights indoor climbing center offers a youth climbing club for children who want to learn more about the sport of rock climbing. Children will have fun climbing with other students in this two-hour long session that offers semi-structured game-based activities. Hoosier Heights also offers team climbing for children who want to explore the sport further. Rec, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite teams are available based on skill level. See website or call to register.

    Cost: $5 per session members/$10 per session non-members

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