Kids soccer classes are one of those inclusive sports classes that almost every kid tries at some point in their childhood, and for good reason. It's relatively easy to learn, you can play almost anywhere, and there's only one thing you must have to play - a ball.

There are many classes in and around Boston for kids to learn to play soccer in an organized way.

Check out our recommendations for soccer classes for kids.


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    Amanda Banta:  Whether you have a toddler who loves to kick a little ball around the house or a middle schooler looking to keep their skills fresh, ForeKicks has a program for your family. Each of ForeKicks' locations offer the Lil'Kicker program for kids 1.5 - 7 years, which gives an introduction to soccer and builds a sense of confidence and teamwork. Parents are required to participate with toddlers. The Skills Institute Developmental Soccer Academy is for kids 5-12 who want to kick their skills to the next level.

    Ages: 1 1/2 - 12

    Cost: $204-228 per session; $30 annual uniform/member fee per athlete.

    Longfellow Soccer Academy

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    Amanda Banta:  The Longfellow Soccer Academy offers a popular soccer program for kids ages 3-10 that focuses on the love and understanding of the game instead of competition. The sessions, generally 8-10 weeks long, run weekly with the kids divided by age group. Offerings may vary throughout the year. Call or go online to view the current schedule of classes.

    Ages: 3 - 10

    Cost: $80-120 per session.

    Bridgewater Sports Complex

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    Amanda Banta:  The Bridgewater Sports Complex, also known as the Bridgewater Dome, offers soccer classes for kids of various ages and abilities. The clinics will introduce children to soccer and develop their understanding of the game alongside their physical skills.

    South Shore Sports Center

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    Amanda Banta:  The South Shore Sports Center has a great program to introduce toddlers to soccer with its Tots Soccer, which runs in eight-week sessions throughout the year. My now 5-year-old attended this last year and it was a great introduction to soccer because the program combined skill development with toddler-appropriate games and fun. There was a ton of staff on hand to keep the kids active and engaged. If you're not committed to a full session, the program also has a drop-in option.

    Ages: 2 - 5

    Cost: $160 for eight classes; $220 for unlimited; $30 drop-in fee.

    Starland Sportsplex and Fun Park

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    Amanda Banta:  Starland Sportsplex and Fun Park has two great options for kids looking to develop their love and skills in soccer. Both programs are co-ed and run in eight-week sessions. The Mini Soccer program is for players ages 3 to 6 and will introduce the youngest players to the game. Register here. The Junior Soccer Academy Clinic, for kids ages 6 - 12, combines drills, skills and competition in a fun and fast-paced environment. Register here.

    Ages: 3 - 12

    Cost: $99 for Mini ; $119 for Junior.

    Danvers Indoor Sports - Lil' Kickers

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    Amanda Banta:  The Lil' Kickers program at Danvers Indoor Sports teaches kids as young as 18 mo. how to kick, dribble and pass their way across a soccer field. Courses for younger kids focus on introductory skills and teamwork. As kids grow and develop, the courses introduce small games and scrimmages into the sessions. Classes for the littles (18 months - 3.5 years, or until a child reaches Beginner level course) require the parents to participate as well. All classes are 50 minutes. Danvers also offers a free trial class for new players.

    Ages: 18 months - 9 years

    Cost: See online for scheduling and pricing.

    Aztec Soccer

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    Amanda Banta:  Aztec Tots, for kids 1.5-6 years, has four programs, split by age and ability. While the littlest kickers will play and have fun being active, older kids will move onto more skill development, teamwork and games. Parents are required to participate in some classes. Tot classes are held at the Essex Sports Center and at the Waring School.

    Ages: 1 1/2 - 8

    Cost: Starting at $100 per session.

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