A fun way for kids to experience Indianapolis is on one of the many family friendly behind the scenes tours. Whether you would like to see a sports venue, a store or a factory, it's fun to see how things work and are made for kids. And really, for adults too! Have you taken a fun behind the scenes tour around Indy?

    Good's Candy Store Tours

     (573.0 mi)


    Dawn Denning:  Check out how Good's Candy is made first-hand! Take a self-guided tour or schedule some time to learn more about how the candy is made. The tour includes a video about the voyage of a cocoa bean to becoming a delicious chocolate treat produced at Good's. After the video, visit the production area to see how candy and ice cream are made and then stocked in the store.

    Not Just Popcorn Store Tours

     (587.4 mi)


    Dawn Denning:  Bring the family to watch how popcorn is made! Learn about the production of popcorn, including how it is grown and harvested. Watch how the popcorn is popped, coated with flavoring, taste tested and then packaged. Call to schedule your family's tour.

    Abbott's Candy Shop Production Tour

     (599.4 mi)

    Wednesday - Friday: 9 am- 11 am & 12 pm- 2 pm


    Dawn Denning:  What kid doesn't want to go on a tour of a candy store? Your family will learn about the extensive history of this tasty candy maker, watch the production of caramel and chocolate and see the packaging process.

    "Behind the Glass" Tour- Rhythm! Discovery Center

     (602.5 mi)

    Monday- Saturday: 10 am - 3 pm

    $25 for general public, $20 for members

    Best for age 14+

    Dawn Denning:  Visit the exhibits that are open to the public and then go behind the scenes to see all that the museum has to offer! Look at all the display pieces and the unique objects that have an important place in the history of percussion.

    Lucas Oil Stadium Tour

     (602.6 mi)

    Typically 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday

    Kids from $7, Adults from $10

    Dawn Denning:  Take an up close and personal look at one of the most exciting venues in Indianapolis. The tour includes a visit on the playing field, an NFL locker room, the press box and other places around the stadium. The walking tour will last around 75 minutes and include multiple features and amenities of Lucas Oil Stadium.

    Kokomo Opalescent Glass Tour

     (606.3 mi)

    Monday - Friday: 10 am


    Dawn Denning:  This tour will take you back in time to the year 1888 to see how glass was turned into art. While on the tour, watch how glass is transformed into these works of art using the same techniques used over a century ago. Watch as glass blowers create unique paperweights and vases that are made to order. Please visit the website to view additional requirements and rules for the tour.

    Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum - Behind the Scenes Tour

     (608.0 mi)

    $20/adult, $15/child

    Dawn Denning:  See what it takes to get the race started during the behind the scenes tour at the IMS! The tour includes a visit to the Media Center, Victory Podium, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum along with a visit to the famous Pagoda Plaza. Take in the displays of racing memorabilia and history from the Indianapolis 500 over the years.

    Traders Point Creamery - Evening Cow Milking Tour

     (611.0 mi)

    Tuesday-Sunday; 7:30 pm


    Dawn Denning:  Do your kids love milk? Do you these often ask you where does milk come from or how milk gets made? Well if so, come to Traders Point Creamery and watch farmers as they milk the cows. Before the event starts, come a little early to grab a fresh milk product. The farm has ice cream, smoothies or milkshakes!

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