Are you searching for the best thrill seeking experiences for your child? If so, there are lots of things to do around Indianapolis that your adventurous child will love to try! Whether they have a love of heights, like to climb or want to fly, the Indy area can entertain your kiddo while they push boundaries! If you have a thrill seeking child, what does your child do around town that is fun?

    Rockin Thunder

     (546.9 mi)

    Open Seasonally: May-October

    Dawn Denning:  If your child loves speed and water, they will love the Rockin River Thrill Ride. A 15-minute high-speed boat ride down the Ohio River that will include twists, turns, slides and spins to blaring rock music. The ride only lasts 15 minutes, but the memories will last a life time. Longer and less adventurous rides are also available, including a scenic boat ride and lunch and dinner excursions.

    Age: Must be over 40" tall for the Thrill Ride

    Cost: $29

    Century Aviation

     (547.4 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  If your kiddo would love to fly, they should check out the Biplane Rides! Ride through the sky in an open-air cockpit with hair blowing in the wind above the clouds. Rides can vary from 20 -60 minutes and will give the passenger a bird's eye view over Auburn, IN. If your kiddo wants to learn to fly, there is a training program available as well.

    Height: Passengers must be over 48" tall

    Cost: $200-$475

    White River Zip Lines

     (570.2 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Zip lining through trees at up to 30 miles an hour with towers reaching over 200 feet tall should be enough for your child to enjoy at White River Zip Lines. But they also have the Mega Drop which allows your child to have a grand finale of zip lining by jumping off a tower 50 feet off the ground with nothing at the bottom! Your kiddo can enjoy 3-4 hours of flying through the air, climbing and balancing.

    Age: 8+, minimum weight of 70 lbs

    Cost: $59 to zip line + $15 for Mega Drop.

    Edge Adventures Indianapolis - Koteewi Park

     (590.8 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Your thrill seeking kiddo will have tons to do at Koteewi Aerial Park! The zip line adventure includes 60 trails above the treetops that include obstacles to climb and platforms to cross. Your kiddo will challenge their body and mind on this solo adventure. This zip line adventure is located on 800-acre Strawtown Koteewi Park. The park includes hiking trails, K-Trails Equestrian Adventure, Koteewi Range- Sport & Target Archery Center and more!

    Age: 14+ for solo rides and 8 and over for accompanied rides

    Cost: $42-$79

    Sky Zone Trampoline Park

     (591.8 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Sky zone isn't just for jumping on a trampoline, there is more for your child to do! Whether they like the challenge of a dodgeball game, test their strength and endurance on the Warrior Course, climb the Warp Wall or joust with their friends- there is something at Sky Zone that will get your child's adrenaline pumping.

    K1 Speed

     (592.1 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  High-performance racing carts will have you hugging curves and passing opponents closely and quickly at this indoor electric track. Kids and adults race head to head in these fun go-carts and the scoreboard will declare the winner and the losers in each race.

    Height: Must be over 4'10"

    Cost: $22/race, annual membership of $8 required.

    Indy Hot Air

     (594.2 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Soaring over the city in a hot air balloon is both exhilarating and relaxing. Your child will love to sail into the air and then enjoy the quiet that comes from being away from it all. The balloon ride lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes and will launch from Fishers, Noblesville or Westfield.

    Cost: $725

    Indy & Miami FlyBoard Academy & WaterSports

     (594.5 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Fly over the water with this extreme sport! You can soar through the air, do flips and splash your friends all while enjoying this one-of-a-kind experience. A hands-on instructor will get you up and flying in 10 minutes to feel the wind in your hair and the rush of flying!

    Cost: Contact Indy Flight Academy for appointment and pricing information.

    Climb Time Indy

     (595.1 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Does your child love to climb and jump off things at tall heights? Climb Time Indy offers over 30 ropes and 8,500 square feet of climbing space for your child to enjoy! The walls are constantly changing, so there is always a new challenge ahead. Three different levels of climbs are available depending on how ambitious your child is feeling, including the Roped Climb which harnesses the climber can use and allows them to climb to the top of the walls along with all the other obstacles.

    Cost: $10-$12, plus shoe and harness rental

    Midwest Balloon Rides

     (595.4 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  The surreal feeling of floating over Central Indiana in an open basket several thousand feet in the air can be enjoyed by your adventurous child! Enjoy an hour of flying in the sky, learning about hot air ballooning, and the process of taking off and landing during a great experience. Your child will experience silence high up in the sky and see views not enjoyed by many others!

    Height: Must be 42" to ride

    Cost: $249

    Defy Indianapolis

     (595.7 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Angled walls, 60 trampoline pads, ladders over ball pits and trapeze lines over ball pits ensures your thrill seeking kid will love Defy Indy! Created to encourage your kid to leap, climb and defy gravity; your kiddo will have a great time and get the acquired adrenaline rush they desire.

    Age: Under 13 requires parental supervision

    Cost: $12-$16 for 1 hour. Required reusable Defy Grip Socks $3.

    Freedom Helicopters

     (595.7 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  If flying high over is something that your child would love, then they might like a spin around Indy in a helicopter. Each flight takes about an hour and can accommodate 3 people. It will take the passengers around Indianapolis and the suburbs. If your child is interested in becoming a helicopter pilot, classes are available to obtain the pilot's license. Your teen must be over 16 to obtain a pilot's license. Whether it is for a fun flight with friends or they want to become a pilot, Freedom Helicopters can help you get them high over the sky.

    Cost: Tour $99/person. Call for training fees.

    Above & Beyond Balloon Company

     (601.3 mi)

    June - November

    Dawn Denning:  Your child can soar above the city and suburbs in a basket with all of their friends! Above & Beyond offers rides to families and friends . Your child can help set up the balloon to get it ready for launch and then enjoy a peaceful float near the clouds. If your kiddo loves heights, this is a great opportunity for them. Find out when you can fly by checking out their availability.

    Cost: $249

    Cirque Indy

     (601.4 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Does your child want to join the circus or be an acrobat? Maybe they would love to hang in the air supported by silk ropes? Cirque Indy could be a great spot to spend their time. Focusing on fun, strong bodies and confidence- all with the adrenaline rush of aerial silk ropes, trapeze and aerial loops.

    Age: 8+

    Cost: $110 for 6 week Kids Class, $20-$25 for 13+ single class. Memberships available.

    Escape Room Fishers

     (602.4 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  If your kid likes puzzles, clues and a challenge, then the escape room might be the perfect place to spend time with friends! This adrenaline filled journey is full of clues and puzzles for your child to solve and escape within 60 minutes.

    Age: All ages with a parent or 15+ without a parent, before 9pm

    Cost: $29

    Indy Cycloplex

     (605.5 mi)

    Open Seasonally: April- October

    Dawn Denning:  If your kid loves BMX bikes or racing speed bikes, then the Cycloplex is a must see for him/her. The outdoor BMX track hosts open racing or lessons depending on your child's experience level. If your kiddo is more into long distance riding, the on-site Velodrome offers training classes and open riding for your child to check out. If your kid loves being on 2 wheels, this park is designed for them. See the schedule for open riding times and training information.

    Cost: Single day pass $10. Annual memberships & clinic passes are available.

    Go Ape Treetop Adventures

     (612.6 mi)

    One participating adult (18+) must supervise up to two 10-15 year olds.

    $59.95/ Age 16+, $54.95 /Age 10-15

    Dawn Denning:  Located in beautiful Eagle Creek Park, there is an awesome adventure awaiting your tween/teen. Go Ape Treetop Adventures is a 2-3 hour journey featuring 40 foot high tree-to-tree crossings, super long ziplines and heart-stopping Tarzan swings.

    Indiana Zipline Tours

     (661.0 mi)

    Dawn Denning:  Your kiddo can feel like an astronaut in the onsite Gyroscope and after their equilibrium returns, they can race up the rock wall to ring the bell! The main attraction is the awesome zip line experience that your adventure-loving child can experience flying through the air on Indiana's longest zip line! They will be up to 80 feet in the air on 8 different zip line that include bridges and platforms. If that isn't challenging enough, they can try it out in the dark with the Night Flight Tour (reservation required.)

    Age: At least 3 with parent/guardian or 16+ without supervision

    Cost: $35-$99

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